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Kinera Odin
Kinera Odin
Kinera Odin
Kinera Odin
Kinera Odin
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Kinera Odin
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4 BA Knowles drivers+ 4 BA Sonion drivers with 4-way crossover
technical parameter:
There are 4 balanced armature drivers on each side,4 Knowles and 4 Sonions.
4-way and 3-channel assignment of drive units.
Impedance:24 ohms.
Sensitivity:116 +/-1 dB
Frequency response range:20Hz-20kHz.
6N OCC silver foil braided cable.
3.5mm terminated plug.
Kinera Odin features 8 balanced armature drivers on each side,working in a 4-way crossover and 3-way channel distribution.There are 4 Knowles balanced armature units to handle the upper mid and high mid sections,and 4 Sonion balanced armature units to handle the lower end and lower mid section.The output is free of any form of distortion.
Exquisite appearance and exquisite craftsmanship:
The Kinera brand is known for their craftsmanship,and together with Odin,they have created a beautiful pair of in-ear monitors.It comes in two different color options:black and purple.Both colors look outstanding,and not only does the entire ear shell's panel have an amazing texture.
Natural sound output:
Kinera Odin provides users with unparalleled sound output with natural and realistic sound clarity.The bass is deep and rich,while the vocals are natural and full of life,and the highs are smooth and well-controlled.It reproduces excellent microscopic detail without being harsh even at higher volumes.
0.78N OCC cable with 6mm two-pin connector:
The pair comes with 6N OCC cable with a layer of silver foil around the cable.It has no internal resistance to the audio signal and provides unmatched sound output with Kinera Odin.The cable has a 0.78mm two-pin connector and a 3.5mm terminated plug.
Lower impedance,higher sensitivity:
The Kinera Odin has an impedance rating of 24 ohms and a sensitivity rating of 116dB.This makes the pair very easy to drive,and you can easily enjoy your music without any special accessories.
Package Contents:
A pair of Kinera Odin in-ear monitors.
A 3.5N OCC cable with a 6mm terminated plug.
Five pairs of Type E Ultimate Audio earbuds.
Two pairs of foam tips.
Waterproof hard carrying case.
3.5mm-6.35mm adapter.
cleaning brush.
Frequency graph:

Rated power:3mW
Frequency Response Range:20Hz-20KHz
Earphone Connector:2pin
Dynamic Distortion:<5%(1kHz,100dB SPL)
Driver:8 Balanced Armature
Attenuation:up to 25dB
Wearing Type:In-ear