Kinera SIF
Kinera SIF
Kinera SIF
Kinera SIF
Kinera SIF
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technical parameter:
10mm SPM Dynamic Driver Unit
Frequency Response Range:20 Hz-20kHz
MMCX Connector Cable with 3.5mm Terminated Plug
The Kinera Sif is the brand's latest budget-friendly in-ear monitor that uses a single 10mm dynamic driver unit and ergonomic design to deliver outstanding performance for a comfortable fit.The pair is presented in moon white color and looks very beautiful.
10mm SPM Dynamic Driver Unit:
Kinera Sif features a 10mm SPM-diaphragm dynamic driver unit that delivers deep bass,natural-looking vocals,and smooth,detailed treble response.The Kinera Sif is tuned with lightly boosted bass to give you a heavy thump.The material is engineered on a polymer material,which makes the driver coil flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures and repetitive motion.a
Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit:
The Kinera Sif earpiece looks very nice and its ergonomic design features the Kinera brand logo on the panel.The earphones are very lightweight and provide users with a comfortable wearing experience even during prolonged use.
Balanced sound and mild bass boost:
The way the Kinera Sif is tuned gives users a balanced and natural sound output,with a modest boost at the low end,making the IEM musical and entertaining and will be ideal for watching movies.The pair sounded warm and smooth,and even at higher volumes,there wasn't any static.
Package Contents:
A pair of Kinera Sif headphones
One MMCX connector cable with 3.5mm plug
a suitcase
Three pairs of silicone nibs
User Guide
Frequency graph:

Frequency Response Range:20Hz-20KHZ
Driver:Dynamic Driver
Earphone Connector:MMCX
Wearing Type:In-ear