Kinera TYR
Kinera TYR
Kinera TYR
Kinera TYR
Kinera TYR
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6mm micro dynamic driver
Technical Parameter:
Single 6mm micro dynamic driver unit
Impedance:-16 ohms
Sensitivity:-105dB +/-1dB
Frequency Response Range:-20Hz-20kHz
Plug Type:-3.5mm
With non-removable microphone cable
Kinera is a Chinese audio company known for its headphones,its flagship IEM like the Kinera Nanna an S849 IEM,has released the budget friendly IEM Kinera TYR for only $30 and it also has great sound quality.
A single dynamic driver gives you the perfect sound:
The Kinera TYR features a single 6mm micro dynamic driver for excellent bass,natural vocals and smooth treble response.
Dynamic drivers create excellent sound reproduction with crisp instrument detail and vocals.
The Kinera TYR has been precisely tuned by Kinera's tuning experts to gain more detail from the dynamic driver.
Included Microphone Cable:
Kinera TYR's high-quality microphone cable ensures that you get high-quality audio when you're on a call,too
The cable comes with a 3.5mm plug,so it's very easy to use on your phone.
Wide soundstage and good instrument detail:
The dynamic drivers are adjusted in a way that provides a wide soundstage and bright crisp detail in the music being played.
The expansive soundstage and crisp detail give you great instrument detail and placement ideas.
Ergonomic Design:
Unlike regular IEMs,the Kinera TYR has a straight plug design that provides a good fit and good noise isolation.
The design is comfortable to wear,perfect for watching movies or listening to long hours of music.
Final Audio E-Cue and Carrying Bag:
The Kinera TYR has a Final Audio E tip that ensures a very good fit and noise isolation.
It also reduces the chance of noise leakage to zero and you can enjoy your music in comfort.
It also comes with a black carry bag in the packaging to make it easier to carry around.
Frequency graph:

Frequency Response Range:20Hz-20KHZ
Cable Length:1.2m
Driver:6mm Dynamic Driver
Wearing Type:In-ear